A Legacy of Innovation

Patti and Richard Sinaiko

Richard and Patti Sinaiko made a gift through their will to Cedars-Sinai, allowing them to make a larger gift than if they’d written a check.

Longtime Cedars-Sinai Board of Governors members Patti and Richard Sinaiko believe that helping others is essential to living a full life. Richard, a leading healthcare management consultant, and Patti, a retired real estate agent with family roots in medicine, made a planned gift to benefit the Board of Governors Regenerative Medicine Institute (RMI)—a state-of-the-art personalized medicine initiative that turns stem cells into therapies for treating some of the world’s most prevalent diseases and conditions.

“The primary mission of Cedars-Sinai is patient care—and what we see in the Board of Governors RMI is a focus on breakthrough technology and science in order to advance the care of patients,” the couple says. “Our son had cancer, and the idea that the chemotherapy could be personalized for each person is remarkable.”

By making a bequest—a gift through a will or living trust—the Sinaikos were able to make a larger gift than if they’d written a check.

Their gift is also about leaving a legacy. “Even if it’s a small amount, it has a big impact on the family and patients. Planned gifts show future generations what’s important to their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents,” they add.

And for the Sinaikos, it's also important that they support the best and brightest physicians of today and tomorrow to treat not only their family, but other families, too. “We are confident in receiving the care that we need—and that Cedars-Sinai is giving that same care to others in need,” says Patti.

The Sinaikos encourage everyone to give. “You don’t need a fancy financial planner,” says Patti. “Call Cedars-Sinai and they will be happy to have a conversation with you.”

“This is another way to make a significant contribution in a financially reasonable way,” Richard adds.

You can make a lasting impact on innovative, lifesaving care—at no cost to you today. Contact Office of Gift Planning at 323-866-2861 or plannedgivingADV@cshs.org to discuss the difference you can make for future patients through your gift.